A Short Bio Of Jim Plante, CEO Of Klotho Therapeutics

Jim Plante is the founder and CEO of Klotho Therapeutics, a biotech company that is researching and developing a treatment to help people live better and longer. He brings to his current position many years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor in the technology industry and a long interest in improving people’s health. He has founded four technology companies and holds more than fifty patents on products he has innovated.

Education And Early Career

In his youth, Jim worked for his father’s medical technology company, and that’s where his lifelong interest in biotechnology was born. He later attended Southern Illinois University, where he got a degree in Electrical Engineering. When he was just thirty years old, he served as president of Beltronics, a maker of high-performance millimeter wave radar safety systems.

Companies Founded

After leaving Beltronics, Jim went on to found several technology companies. The first of these was E-Band Communications, a designer and manufacturer of wireless communication systems. After that, he founded SmartDrive Systems, a company that uses technology to increase driver safety and transportation efficiency. His third venture was Pathway Genomics, which develops accessible genetic testing products. His current company, Klotho Therapeutics focuses on treatment for kidney diseases and other diseases that impact longevity and quality of life.

Family History

Over thirty years ago, Jim learned that his father had polycystic kidney disease, a genetic condition which proved fatal as it was caught too late. When Jim himself was diagnosed with the same disease, he dedicated himself to developing genetic tests and making them available so that more people will have the opportunity to learn their risks and prevent life-limiting diseases.


Jim is also the founder of Thynk Capital, an investment company that focuses on healthcare and technology. They partner with companies that are involved in getting new drugs, therapies, and technologies on to the market, and they prefer companies that are targeting diseases that affect many people and for which there are no current effective treatments.


In addition to the companies he has founded, Jim also established the Foundation for Kidney Transplant Research. Its purpose is to educate the public about the number of people who dying due to kidney disease because they are unable to receive a transplant.