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What to Expect From the Whizzinator and the Uses of Synthetic Urine

The Whizzinator is one piece of equipment that ejects synthetic urine from it. There are a lot of purposes that you can find among the synthetic urine that is flushed out of the Whizzinator. If you intend to pass your urine exam with flying colors for school or job entry purposes, then surely, using the Whizzinator can help you out. You need not wonder why this has become the primary purpose for most people getting their hands on the Whizzinator. However, there is more to the Whizzinator than just that. This article will give you some facts about synthetic urine and its many uses.

Now, what is there to know about the synthetic urine being given off by the Whizzinator? In terms of synthetic urine, it is made of not just water but some inorganic substances such as creatinine, sulfates, chloride, phosphate, and urea, as well as some organic substances. Typically, the laboratory always finds its way to be the sole purpose why synthetic urine has been made. You can mistake synthetic urine to be the real one when you look at its chemical properties yet what just differs will be that synthetic urine is free from any form of waste or impurities. Based on their chemical makeup, you then know that you can get the best laboratory results in terms of your urine by passing synthetic urine removed from the Whizzinator. For laboratory purposes, you need not wonder then why using synthetic urine over real urine can be beneficial with its free from pathogens. This article will give you more facts about synthetic urine and what uses they have as they are found in your Whizzinator.

Calibration and tuning of laboratory equipment are made possible with synthetic urine. There is no better way to reach a standard calibration for the equipment that is being used in the laboratory for urine testing than to do some calibration tests utilizing synthetic urine. Calibrating urine sampling equipment is never good with real urine as each person will have different chemical compositions that could alter the standardized results.

Making use of synthetic urine for school uses. It is one of the responsibilities of medical technologist students to learn how to do urinalysis as this is part of their job. With the help of the synthetic urine being given off by the Whizzinator, the student will be able to hone their skills in carrying out their urinalysis exams. Furthermore, when synthetic urine is used, the student will not have to wonder the source of their urine sample.

Doing sample testing of various cleaning agents. Using the synthetic urine coming from the Whizzinator can also be helpful for cleaning agent companies who want to prove that the cleaning materials that they are selling are effective. Usually, the cleaning agents that are used are those intended for carpets as well as most furniture pieces at home.

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