On Health: My Thoughts Explained

Some of the vital vitamins women require that keep them healthy and strong

It has been noted that people who do not take the required amount and type of vitamins are generally weak, unhealthy and tend to fall sick from time to time which is a risk no sane human ever wants to take. It has been noted all nations across the world including the United Nations has health deficiencies taking place in some people. Majority of people, in fact only 5% of the total population have their bodies supplied with enough vitamin D today. The female gender has been known to carry out special duties such as carrying out menstruation and pregnancies which explains why their bodies call for special vitamins and minerals to help them keep healthy and strong all the time so they efficiently perform their duties in the right manner with the least of stress and strain. The female bodies are designed to perform tough and special duties such as carrying pregnancies and going through menstruation every once in a month which really puts a toll on them and it is for such roles that they require a special supply of the minerals and vitamins just to keep them in the best state and to cope with their functions. Women, being the special gender, need a special and additional supply of nutrients which help them through some roles such as pregnancies and menstruations without putting so much toll on their bodies since the reliable supply of nutrients is meant to come handy at such times.

The folic acid, B9, is an essential vitamin that should always be part of the feminine diet all the time, every time. The the best thing is it can be supplied in all the places by the food fortification even to the places where it does not occur naturally. It is also referred to as folate when it is found in its natural state such as in foods. It is essential for formation of healthy brains and effective performance and functioning of the spinal cord. It is also known to help in the development of the DNA as well as the RNA and also to protect the DNA from any changes that may lead to occurrence of cancer. Putting much emphasis on the roles it performs, the folic acid should be constantly supplied to expectant mothers and those planning to take a similar path in the near future.

The pyridoxine is also another essential vitamin in women. It takes part in all the metabolic activities as well as working to ensure that the brain works well. It is an essential element that ensures that the Human immunity is strong. The women are advised to take it only in the required amounts since very high amounts result in undesired effects on the body.

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