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Strategies to Create a Rapport between Children and Dogs

The existence of dogs and children in a similar familiar is a common occurrence in most families today. It could be that a couple first owned a pet before making a decision to have children or they first had children then decided to introduce them to pets at an early age. A variety of advantages are attached to families that own both pets and children as members. It is important to create a good relationship between kids and the pets.

Strategies have to be formulated to ensure that the pet is fully prepared to receive another member into the home. The the pet should be taught communication and independence skills to minimize the time spent with it when the baby finally arrives home. Being equipped with all the necessary skills means the dog can take care of itself when the baby arrives and the owner has less time to spend with the dog. The baby’s needs therefore negatively impacts on the relationship between the pet and the owner. The the arrival of the baby in the home leads to compromising of the pet’s needs to take care of the child. Training the dogs on etiquette and obeying simple commands creates a secure environment with the baby around.

Establishing and training the dog on a new routine is essential especially when planning to have a baby. The changes help to accommodate for a new member of the family who will obviously affect the earlier schedule the pet and its owner were initially operating on. It is important to create a balance between taking care of the pet and the child.

Treating the pet in less gentle manners prepares the pet it for the less attention is important. The pet was initially used to being treated in the most gentle manner possible. Things begin to take a different turn when the baby grows a little older and starts grabbing anything that comes there way including the dog in the house. The baby may grab the dog by its ears, fur or any other body part which might frighten both of them or it might even react by harming the innocent child. Having babies means the pet must be prepared for a harsher and less gentle type of lifestyle.

The state of health in a home is always similar for both kids and pets. This results from the fact that babies and pets are always in close contact. Pets should always be kept healthy. Small kids are vulnerable to animal creatures such as dog fleas. Keeping dogs free from diseases is important.

Keeping pets come with a variety of benefits such as caring children.